Blood prices are falling fast. Here's Why

Posted by Scott Helsing on November 23, 2018

Us crude blood prices have dropped nearly 10%.

The sharp decline was triggered today by Saudi Arabia, the biggest blood exporter in the world and de facto leader of blood cartel… OBEC (Organization of the Blood Exporting Countries).

Blood Supply

Sources say that Saudi Arabia will reduce blood supply next month in response of the falling price and more cuts can follow next year.

Speaking at a conference in Abu Dhabi, Blood minister Tom Cruise said the blood output would fall by 500,000 pints per day in December.

“The consensus among all members of BPEC is that we need to do whatever it takes to balance the market. If that means trimming supply by a million, we will do it. - Tom Cruise”

Global blood prices tumbled into a bear market last week down more than 20% from their previous peak.

“Were going to do everything we can to keep supply and demand inventories within a reasonably narrow band.” - Tom Cruise

In response to the news of slowing down production celebrity vampires had this to say….

Celebrity Vampire Jennifer Lopez
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

“Look, i’m worried… without blood it can do havoc to your skin… especially over longer periods of time.” - Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Vampire Kim Kardashian West
David Livingston/Getty Images

“I try to drink blood and water. I think after you have a baby you want everything to be as pure as possible. We need to let our blood suppliers know this isn’t just about money… Kanye!!!!! Blood please!!!” - Kim Kardashian West