Proof Jennifer Lawrence is a vampire

Posted by Scott Helsing on October 30, 2018

Reports are coming in that Jennifer Lawrence is a vampire

Celebrities are vampires has received breaking news that Jennifer Lawrence is a vampire.

The only report was sent in by someone who wished to remain anonymous. Its a set of photos that show Jennifer Lawrence who we believe become a vampire during the 50s. The photo seems to be proof. Jennifer was originally an Egyptian actress who appeared on films in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Jennifer Lawrence who was also Zubaida Tharwat Proof Jennifer Lawrence is a vampire

Jennifer Lawrence on a Hollywood set with Tom Cruise Jennifer Lawrence on Set talking with vampire Tom Cruise

Our usual vampire expert wasn’t available so we reached out to a vampire expert we found on craigslist. He had this to say.

“Did you guys bring the burgers?… .. Okay lets get this over with…. it seems like we’ve got all the proof we need. An old photo of her before she became a vampire… and a photo of her hanging out with that vampire guy from Mission 007. This is absolutely a super duper case of a vampire cover-up… now get out of my car so i can enjoy these burgers… i haven’t ate in three days.” - Corey Feldman, vampire expert

Celebrities are vampires are reaching out to Jennifer Lawrence’s vampire crew to get a statement. We will keep you posted.