Nicolas Cage Admits to being a vampire

Posted by Author not provided for their protection on October 30, 2018

Nicolas Cage has admitted to being a vampire

The video was captured by reporters from the popular non vampire news source TMZ. Were not sure where Cage was running to but we believe our breaking story was the cause of what appears to be a vampire meltdown.

There were multiple eye witness reports of the event.

” Went straight out of dogtown skateboarding surfing it up… this stuff right here… this dude ran up and grabbed this lady.. he just started shouting… a guy that big is dangerous man…. so i ran up on him with some garlic off my burger and was like smash smash smash… and that’s when he ran off screaming” - Kai Rider

View the story that may have sparked this meltdown.

We are following this story closely and will bring you more information as it breaks.