The War Trump is Waging on Vampires

Posted by Author Not Provided for their protection on November 04, 2018

What we know so far about President Trumps Executive Order

Reports are coming in that during one of President Trumps rallies he proposed a new executive order on vampires.

Trump discussing possible executive order on vampires Trump discussing executive order on vampires

“Look a lot of people are saying, and they always want me to apologize for saying it, and maybe I will one day. But a lot of people are saying that these celebrity vampires… because that’s what they are folks… the fake news media won’t tell you that.. but i will. The celebrity vampires have treated me very badly… and i hope they change their tune… but they’ve treated me very badly folks. A lot of people are saying how badly they’ve treated me for many many years. So I thought I’m the president. I’m the president right? (Audience Cheers) I’m going to issue an executive order to force it to always be Daylight in the United States. See how they like all that sunlight. (Audience cheers) “ - President Donald Trump

Can vampires sustain in sunlight?

Thanks to the latest advancements over the past 25 years celebrity vampires are able to go into the sunlight without complications. We do know that some vampires still prefer to go out starting around dusk. This can be proven by looking at the current patterns in many younger celebrities who rarely make an appearance during the day.

We have reached out to the Whitehouse on the matter, but haven’t heard anything as of release of this article.